Surrender to God what you think you desire, and you will receive what you truly need. 

Sharon M. Koenig

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Sharon M. Koenig is an author, international speaker and mother. Her spiritual search began as a way to find answers to overcome a difficult childhood that neither success nor love relationships could ever heal. Before becoming an author, Sharon studied about world religions under the direct tutelage of unique spiritual leaders, including a Buddhist lama, a guru from India and a priest. She is nonsectarian, tolerance and compassion are the guiding lights of her spiritual  language.
Many readers describe Sharon as a writer who can translate profound spiritual lessons into simple and practical terms. She has presented her books, which have an ever-increasing international following, at various bookstores and media venues across the United States, Latin America, and Spain, including CNN Español, Univision, Telemundo and
Sharon was born in Puerto Rico, lives in Miami and considers herself a citizen of humanity.

About Sharon

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Available in India. In Seasons of the Soul Sharon distills the secrets to spirituality to re-establish our link with the Divine through the 7 Step Connection Process. Borrowing from diverse world traditions she studied for nearly three decades, Koenig also shares profound anecdotes about effective practices for inner peace and contentment.
    Imbued with lessons in tolerance and forgiveness, faith and discernment, Seasons of the Soul is an invitation to hope and serenity in the middle of the fiercest storms of life.

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