How to surrender


Many spiritual lessons will ask us to surrender our troubles, but few will show us how to do it. To surrender, first, we need to know God, realizing that He is compassionate, and all-forgiving—it is very difficult to surrender our most precious things to someone you fear.

Fear of God and deep reverence are not the same. We are invited to respect God, revere Him, have devotion, but not to be afraid of Him. If in doubt, read John 1 4:18 when he assures us that: 

“There is no fear in love. … For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” Fear and love are like oil and vinegar. “Where there is love, there is no fear…Perfect love casts out fear.” 

What is the reason for such a severe God in the Old Testament? I believe that God communicates in a language that we can understand according to our time and context. From tribal to civilized communities, God will speak to us according to the consciousness of the moment. We all describe and understand God differently, just as the scribes (those who transcribed the texts of the Bible) understood Him according to their historical language and oral traditions. The Bible compiles stories of how a group of people came to know God and how God related to them. Every culture has its own story of revelation from God. There are some lessons from the Bible that we cannot apply to our present time and context or read literally. For example, men used to make sacrifices, believe in slavery, treat women as inferior to men, and apply punishments and practices that we no longer accept in the developed world. 

Our destiny is to grow in the likeness of God, and we can achieve this as a divine collaboration by participating in His Creation without having to destroy lives in the process. To be like His image and likeness, humans need to learn to place God, good, truth, and love above all of our attachments, including ideologies.

When we surrender our security, our families, and our health, He will not take them away; on the contrary, as in the story of Abraham, He will bless, multiply and reward us with peace.

When we pray and ask for God’s will, we need to understand that love is His higher expression. However, sometimes, we can obstruct His good by our fears. The lesson John the Baptist shared is that our ego needs to be less so that His divinity in us can become more. John 3:30

Pray like this:

God, today I am willing to surrender everything, even if it is difficult. In your name, I surrender all that gives me anguish so that you may transform it and make it all new.

We only need four words for a miracle: Thy Will be Done. And then let go. If the thought comes back, surrender once more. Surrendering is like forgiveness; it is a decision made every second. We need to forgive and surrender 70 times 7.

God is good, loving, compassionate. When we give Him our challenges, He will return them to us renewed.

«Give to God what you want most, and he will give you back what you truly need.»

 “Seasons of the Soul 7 Steps to connect with your life’s highest purpose”.


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