How to conquer fear


Fear is conquered by love. We return to love through prayer because fear is a symptom of being disconnected from the Source. Fear is an emotion, and like all emotions, it should be taken as a warning sign and not as an enemy. Emotions are meant to be observed, felt, investigated, processed, resolved, but they should also be questioned. There are healthy fears, and there are unhealthy ones. Fear of a tiger is real; if you find one in your path, you need to respond accordingly. In other cases, fear presents itself as caution and is called for when you need more information before choosing. Other fears, such as the fear of success, failure, communication, love, illness, rejection, fear of death, or even life, can be subconscious but paralyze you.
Without realizing it, we may fear God, his punishment, and eternal damnation, but the feeling of guilt corrupts the soul. God is unconditional forgiveness and does not keep a score; on the contrary, He carries infinite grace. Thank God most of our fears do not happen, but just thinking about them unleashes the chemicals that alter our system as if the emergency was occurring in the now. Fear is unhealthy when it comes from attachment, from non-acceptance, from the worry that is born out of fear of things not turning out the way we want them. Who can control the universe? We need to accept that the very nature of life is change and impermanence.
Fear is healed by letting go of unreachable expectations, breathing, having wisdom, by connecting with God.
Like a child at night, fear is a lack of light and information. We have peace by the conclusion that there is no monster behind the closet doors. Lack of self-knowledge is the most significant cause of fear and suffering.
The antithesis of fear is not blind courage but of being confident that we are walking hand in hand with God. He is our infallible Information Center —courage is walking the safest path by the hand of the Creator.
While fear suppresses it, peace allows the necessary space to hear our intuition. Fear goes away when we realize that we are not alone, that there is an order, that Someone listens to us, that no one can touch your soul.
Ask for wisdom, listen to your heart, watch the signs, and use your intellect to find an agreement. Fear arises when there’s a conflict between your soul, your heart, and your mind. When they resolve the paradox, the fear disappears. Why fear? When the Director of the Universe Himself accompanies you.

“My God, with you, I have nothing to fear; my soul is part of yours; it is indestructible and eternal.”


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