Forgiveness and tolerance in times of division


Anger can lead to more hatred. But when rightful outrage is shaped by love, it can lead us to the right action for the good of humanity. Prayer is the first step toward guidance because it connects us to the love of God, which is true love. Fanaticism is a mental illness and can lead us to unthinkable hateful actions in the name of God.
We live in a world of beauty but also in one where people have forgotten to love. Many live in prejudice and hatred —we need to take precautions to prevent it from affecting us. Sometimes propelled by our own religion, the fear wraps us in its mantle of rejection to all who are different. Was there not an apostle of evil amongst the twelve? We are exposed to evil on this earth, but we can always choose God and His love. We do not need to participate in hatred but the solution. This lesson applies to any difficult situation we are going through.
How can you help to eradicate the fear of prejudice in others?
Think about how you can substitute judgment for love and action? On 9/11, I remember crying with a Palestinian friend. Another example is racism or prejudices against the LGBTQ community or other cultures or religions. Do not feed the flames of intolerance. Open the doors of your heart, your house, your temple, and your church to a message of peace and unity. The best way to learn about another is by being their friend and placing yourself in their shoes. You can also help by talking to someone who has any prejudice and inviting them to see others differently by sharing information. We do not have to agree with another’s religion or beliefs to love them. We cannot understand another if we have not walked in their steps. Stay away from hateful internet narratives. Find out how to help other communities that are in need. Hate is fought with love.

Dear God, let me see the reflection of your light in everyone I meet.


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